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Rouven Heck

Hi Kendra, yes - everything is completed for Workday. 

Balazs is going to share a Google sheet in the next 48 hours with the WG chairs which list all companies which have signed the WG Charter and therefore are formal WG members. It will also include the list of names who have signed the other IPR documents to be able to participate as individuals. 


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Jon just confirmed signing. Please let me know if there are any issues.





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Dear all,

I just sent the DocuSign links to the above listed legal representatives of your companies. Please notify them that they received it from Balazs@... (sometimes it boggles up in filters). 

I look forward for our call soon, 


On Thu, Jan 9, 2020 at 6:43 PM Balázs Némethi <balazs@...> wrote:

Dear all,

Happy New Year! 

We are very close to set up everything and start to work properly. 
I am sending this email as a first step to make sure that DIDcomm has IPR protection. There is a separate message for members and for those who will individually contribute.


-----for members------

As of now, we are still waiting for JDF to share with us the DocuSign link for the finalized and SC approved charter. However, to make the process smoother by the time we receive the DocuSign (hopefully today, tomorrow).


Please notify the people listed below with the message that I will reach out with a DIDcomm DocuSign link in the coming days. The goal is to get the documents signed asap making sure that it is done before the meeting.  


I collected (from the mailing list) the DIF member companies, whose legal representatives (listed below) will need to sign DIDcomm's charter (or someone else also can who legally represents the company).


Workday -  Jon Ruggiero

Evenym - Drummond Reed - Tobias Looker

Streetcred - Riley Hudges

Microsoft - Ankur Patel 

Consensys -  Matt Corva

Sovrin - Sam Curren - John Jordan

SecureKey - Gordon Ackyord


If someone knows another DIF member who is interested to attend the call, ask them to reach out directly to me asap. (for the reasons above) 


----for individuals-----


Good news, this is working. :)


When participating as an individual, you contribute on behalf of yourself and not on behalf of an employer (if there is one). 


Please register through this form and you will automatically receive the feedback agreement DocuSign document, please sign it asap, before the meeting. [Do not share this form, if someone outside of those who are on this mailing list would like to join, please make them reach out to me.] 



Let's try to make the Monday call IPR protected! :) 



Thanks for all the support and it is the right time to make DIDs communicate! 

best regards,




Balázs Némethi

Operations @ DIF




Balázs Némethi

Operations @ DIF

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