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Decentralized Identity Foundation main Mailing list. The active participation in this mailing group requires membership at DIF. If there are questions regarding how to join DIF please refer to ( )
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  • DID Authentication WG
    DIDAuth WG mailing list
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  • Identifiers and Discovery WG
    *Identifiers and Discovery* A key piece of the decentralized identity equation is how people, organizations, and devices can be identified and located without centralized systems of identifiers (e.g. email addresses). DIF members are actively working on protocols and implementations that enable creation, resolution, and discovery of decentralized identifiers and names across decentralized systems, like blockchains and distributed ledgers.
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  • Storage and Compute WG
    Storage and Compute Working Group mailing list. Access is limited to DIF members only.
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  • Secure Data Storage WG
    Secure Data Storage Working Group mailing list. Specification for a foundational layer for secure data storage (including personal data), specifically data models for storage and transport, syntax, data at rest protection, CRUD API, access control, synchronization, and a minimum viable HTTP-based interface compatible with W3C DIDs/VCs. Wiki is here ( )
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  • DIF Sidetree WG
    Sidetree WG
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  • DIF | InteropProject
    InterOp project is driving a specific simple use-case to demonstrate end-to-end interop between different solutions. The scope for phase 1 is kept simple with the objective to demonstrate interop in 2019.
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  • Claims and Credentials WG
    Claims & Credentials WG
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  • DID Communication WG
    The more foundational communication protocols have been known by several names during their history, including Agent to Agent Communication and more recently DID Communications (DIDComm for short). On top of this foundation are other protocols, including credential exchange, basic user messaging, et This working group is created to produce one or more high-quality specs that embody a method (“DIDComm”) for secure, private and (where applicable) authenticated message-based communication, where trust is rooted in DIDs and depends on the messages themselves, not on the external properties of the transport(s) used. Meeting Time: every Monday at 12 pm ET / 9 pm CET Rolling Agenda & Minutes: Here ( ) Working Group Charter: Here ( ) ----- To join the Working Group reach out to
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  • APAC-ASEAN decentralized identity discussion group
    This is an open group intended to facilitate discussion on decentralized identity hosted in time zones preferred at the ASEAN-APAC region. * Discussions by Topic ( ) * Meeting Minutes & Wiki ( ) * Calendar ( ) * Simple Database ( ) (requires login - see below) Some pages are blocked by 'login', meaning that you need to sign up with  Once you have signed up with you will be able to see the 'login protected pages.'
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  • Glossary
    *Glossary Project:* The goal of this project is to facilitate the emergence of contextualized vocabulary that is widely accepted across the decentralized identity community/industry. Together we will be working across the whole range of projects and efforts to understand what language is currently being used and to invite understanding and support convergence on some core definitions. We will do this in an open and transparent manner that is as inclusive as possible. We are not (re)creating a comprehensive taxonomy but rather are focusing on a few key terms that are especially critical for wider adoption. * * Glossary Project is a DIF Open Group, is an industry initiative hosted by the Decentralized Identity Foundation in a. The work carried out under this group is a collaboration between parties in the wider identity ecosystem to reduce the friction between naming *Agenda & Meeting minutes:* here ( ) *Sign Up form* : here ( ) *Mailing List:* here ( )
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  • DIF | id-productmanagers
    An open discussion group hosted under DIF for Identity professionals to discuss and evolve decentralized Identity product-related work.
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  • Identity Communities Sync channel
    A group on creating an awareness channel between decentralized identity communities.
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  • DIF | outreachmarketing
    A group on DIF outreach and marketing.
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  • WG leads
    This is a subgroup to discuss all issues related to the operation of WGs and share updates among us.
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