Alignment call - follow up

Balázs Némethi

Dear all,

Thank you for all of you for the meeting. We are making good progress. 

Here are the meeting minutes and once the recording is processed by zoom I will copy in the link. 

To conclude what we agreed on: 
  • Include the entire scope in the binding legal document
  • Remove the diagram from the Scope 
  • Request JDF for a process to approve 3 chairs for a WG
  • FInalize the Scope in the Working Group (Operating) Charter within 24hours (then it will be moved to the legal charter) 
  • Sam, Tobias and Oliver will lead the WG with two of them the formal chairs.
  • The next meeting will be during next week, likely still no IPR protected with a focus on finalizing operational documents. Sam, Tobias and Oliver will be in touch regarding the timing.
I made the Operating document editable through the link

Best regards,


Balázs Némethi
Operations @ DIF