follow-up on populating

Daniel Hardman

I sent an email to this group a while back where I was discussing how to link PIURIs in DIDComm (the special URIs used to identify protocols and message types) with a URL namespace under I suggested that we needed some sort of CI/CD pipeline at the Hyperledger Aries project that could feed content to this webserver.

Apparently this gave the wrong impression.

Aries isn't the only source for application-level protocols built atop DIDComm; whatever we do for Aries should also be available to anybody else who begins producing high-quality content about protocols. Indeed, a measure of success for both HL and DIF is that other communities emerge and begin doing just that. Thus, I envision that ends up containing lots of cool content from lots of places, all hosted by DIF. However, in the near term, Aries is the only source of such material that I know about, so all of my worry for the time being was how to make content publication work with source=Aries.

I hope that alleviates possible concerns that Daniel H is trying to prejudice didcomm toward Aries.