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The DIF Product community group is an open discussion space for anyone interested in connecting the dots between real-world needs and the technology discussed in other DIF groups. Recurring topics include user experience, design patterns, terminology, business value, and cross-company interoperability. The running notes and agenda are here

Group members can join monthly calls with the following format:

      • Ecosystem update (10 min) - Keep tabs on standards progress, conferences, legal/regulatory, and helpful resources

      • Topic discussion (20min) - Discuss a community driven topic that relates to the shared challenges of building and distributing decentralized identity products.

      • Product demos (20-30 min)- Ranging from polished app demos to early ideation, group members can share a 5 minute demo and get detailed feedback from the group

Members can also initiate asynchronous discussions in the chat to solicit feedback or organize around work items.