Interop WG - restart!

Balázs Némethi

  Dear all,

Today we restarted the Interop WG!! 
We are well into some of the admin work, we heard proposals and ideas on how the WG should start operations. The goal of the first meeting(s) is to agree on a path and the next steps to run a cross-community group the most effectively. 

The goal of this new (now) Working Group is to create a cross-community collaboration and project management on Interoperability. The draft scope is here:   

We would ask you to share the mailing list with your communities so we can strengthen each other and make sure that the shared goal for interoperability becomes a reality. 

Next steps:

Please fill out this poll to find the time for the next WG setting meetings and sign up for the mailing list:

Decisions during the first meeting: 

Interim Chairs: 
Orie Steele and Balazs Nemethi volunteered for interop co-chair roles until we finalize the charter.

Interim community liaisons:
  • W3C CCG - Orie 
  • Solid/InRupt - Sam (Venn) 
  • MyData - Kristina 
  • ToIP - Ajay + Sankarshan  
  • HL Aries - Sam Curren 
Recording: zoom link

Thank you, 


Balázs Némethi
Operations @ DIF